Runaway Tram Update – June 10th

Well folks! We have yet another massive update this week on Morey’s Piers NEW coaster, The Runaway Tram. 

The last video update we did for the The Runaway Tram was on May 30th. Since then tons of progress has taken place. To check out that last update, or maybe compare it to this update, click the link below.

Runaway Tram Major Update

Since that update all of the track pieces have been lifted into place, the lift hill motors were put into place and lastly, and most importantly, the coaster has started on inspections!

Lucky for you, we were able to capture the only video online of the train running for the first time ever!! You will be able to watch it in our update video below.

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Also, I know you all have been asking for a date on when The Runaway Tram will be open. While there isn’t a date we at least know what’s holding up the ride. In order for any ride to open in the State of New Jersey, state officials need to come out and give the ride a heavy duty inch by inch inspection. This takes time but it’s all for the right reasons.

Morey’s Piers’ number one concern is safety so they will do everything in their power to insure that. I applaud Moreys for this and so should you!

Also see: Sneak Peak Of The Runaway Tram Sign

Once your done watching the video please comment under it what you think of it so far. Now it’s time for the update! (Once again, please subscribe to our Youtube channel!)

Big thank you to Dan Rosenello for filming the running of the Runaway Tram! 

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