Sam Turns 90!

For all of those who love Sam’s Pizza Palace, located at 2600 and the Wildwood Boardwalk, here is an amazing fact for you.

Today the founder of Sam’s Pizza, Sam Spera, turns 90 today!!!

Here are some interesting facts about Sam.

Sam Spera in an Italian American who moved to America from Villalba, Sicily (Italy) in 1951. In 1957 Sam made his first trip to Wildwood where he fell in love with the boardwalk and it’s atmosphere. In that same summer Sam started working on the boardwalk restaurant Marconi’s.

Two years later Sam would open up his first restaurant Sam’s Steak House where was where Gateway 26 is currently. It was a small location but it was his paradise. He wouldn’t start selling Pizza until a year later a price of 15 cents a slice.

The success of his pizza afforded him purchase the location they are in today.

Please go ahead and give him a BIG Happy Birthday!

Are you missing Sam’s Pizza? We are!! It feel like yesterday were at the last day they were open to have our last slice. You can watch Sam’s Pizza last day of the 2018 season below.

Saying Goodbye To Sam’s Pizza (Season End)