Saying Goodbye to Colleens (Neil’s Steak House)

Saying Goodbye to Colleens (Neil’s Steak House)

Saying Goodbye to Colleens (Neil’s Steak House)

Our friends at Watch The Tram Car Dot Com, just announced that Colleens by the Sea, located at 222 E Schellenger Ave in Wildwood, is being torn down in two weeks.

Colleens by the sea had sold back in December. You can check out our article about the sale by clicking the link below.

Colleens by the Sea SOLD

We figured that we would give you guys a quick tour of the property before it goes into the history books. (Video at the bottom)

As we reported in the past, Choice hotels was eyeing this property and was going to buy it and the Stardust nightclub. While there is not official sale yet it is looking likely as Colleens is getting knocked down and the Stardust had some things taken out of it.

For those who forgot, the  Stardust neon sign had been donated to the historical society a few weeks back. This was one big indication of a change coming to this area.

If the rumors are 100% true, we would see the parking lot East of the Stardust all the way to the end of Colleens become a Choice Hotel.

Below is the video of our tour. We also have a drone video of the Stardust that will be coming out next week.

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