What’s That Strange Thing Off Our Coast?

What’s That Strange Thing Off Our Coast?

What’s That Strange Thing Off Our Coast?

Yesterday we were flooded with questions about a strange ship that had been seen off the coast of Cape May. It had been making making it’s way slowly out of the ocean and into the Delaware Bay.

To describe the ship from far away it looked like a three cranes floating on the water. The cranes massive in size looked just like the ones we see at the PhilaPort (The Port of Philadelphia).

We decided to do some research and with the help of our friends in the Cool Cape May group we came up with a really cool answer.

This ship was called The Zhen Hua 25. It is a Heavy Load Carrier built in 1988 and currently sailing under the flag of Hong Kong.

It’s currently at the port of Big Stone Beach Anchorage which is a mid-bay port. (Open Waters)

In looking at it’s future route it shows that it will be sitting there for the day until it gets clearance to move forward.

It’s pretty cool to see ships this massive off our coast! check out the video below to see what the ship looks like.

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Photo by Frances S