Saying Goodbye to the Wildwood Whale Wall

Saying Goodbye to the Wildwood Whale Wall

We have some sad news for you today. We visited the NEW Boardwalk mall and spoke to one of the workers there who told us that the iconic Whale Wall art will be taken down in the coming weeks.

Here is a recap of what is going on at the Boardwalk Mall (Link Below)

Hello New Boardwalk Mall, Goodbye Retro Arcade

Here is a quick history lesson about this painting.

It was painted by Wyland and is titled “Humpbacks Off the Jersey Coast.” It was painted on the Boardwalk mall starting on June 7th 1993 and was dedicated in July 1993.

The really REALLY cool thing about Wyland is that he just got done painting whales on the WORLD’s largest ship, Norwegian Bliss.

Below is a video of the ship



NOW, there could be the possibility of saving the wall. This year will mark 25 years since it was painted.  The mall wall has structural damage and needs to be redone. They have been in contact with his people but so far but so far they have said no.

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