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Showboat’s Island Waterpark Construction Update – Atlantic City

Showboat’s Island Waterpark Construction Update – Atlantic City

The image of Atlantic City only being an adult town is about change. Bart Blatstein, the owner of the Showboat Hotel, has a new vision of Atlantic City that focuses on the family.

Showboat's Island Waterpark Construction Update - Atlantic City

Showboat’s Island Waterpark Construction Update – Atlantic City

When he purchased the Showboat he knew that the city lost all of its family resorts, which is a key demographic of any shore town.

His multiphase idea of getting the Showboat into a family resort started back in 2016 when his team renovated most of the building.

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As of opening in 2016, they renovated 852 oceanfront rooms as well as 38 oceanfront balcony suites spanning 1,100 square feet each. Additionally, the hotel boasted two super suites that cover an impressive 1,900 square feet, which come equipped with a gas fireplace.

The next phase was a massive gaming center called Lucky Snake. Dubbed the largest arcade on the East Coast, the Lucky Snake has everything from a pinfall gallerie, to regular arcade games and a race track for go-karts.

The jewel of his conversation though is the Island Waterpark.

Back in January 2022, Blatstein made the announcement that they would be adding the largest indoor waterpark in the world right next to the Showboat building.

With a price tag of more than $100 million, the year-round indoor waterpark will be located beneath a retractable glass-pane roof and encompass a total area of 103,000 square feet.

Some of the main features of the Island Waterpark include;

  • 11 waterslides at Island Waterpark at Showboat.
  • FlowRider Surf Machine
  • State-of-the-art treehouse area that includes bars, lounges, and more slides and fun
  • TWITCH streaming zone for all gamers featuring your favorite games.
  • Travel across the Island on their indoor zipline
  • Gravity Coaster
  • Multiple restaurants, bars, and stores to shop in.

After the announcement, construction crews started working tirelessly to complete the property before their scheduled opening day which is still on pair for Memorial Day Weekend 2023. (Yes less than a month away)

The Wildwood Video Archive stopped by the Island Waterpark at Showboat to do a quick drone (Seagull) update of the building.

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Since the last time we’ve been there, much has happened. The entire class roof was finished, the slides look to be 85% done and the concrete work has been completed.

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