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NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Tour 2023

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Tour 2023

Wildwood, New Jersey – After months of extensive reconstruction, the historic and beloved Wildwood boardwalk officially reopened for the 2023 season last week. The Wildwood Video Archive stopped by to film what the new boardwalk looks like. You can watch that video at the bottom of this article.

Under the diligent work of the contractor, Fred M. Schiavone Construction, Inc., of Franklinville, 80% of the boardwalk reconstruction, spanning from Maple Avenue to 26th Avenue, has been completed. This is part of an ongoing renovation plan that commenced in October 2021, covering the area from Oak to Maple Avenues.

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Tour 2023

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Tour 2023

The comprehensive project aims to renovate and rehabilitate sections of the boardwalk that have long been in need of attention due to aging infrastructure, weathering, and regular wear and tear from the millions of visitors it has welcomed over the years.

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The work includes the installation of new concrete pillars, decking, handrails, access ramps, and lighting to enhance the boardwalk’s safety and aesthetic appeal.

Wildwood Commissioners, led by Mayor Pete Byron, sought support from Governor Phil Murphy after a section of the boardwalk was severely damaged by storms in April 2020. The Governor’s visit and ensuing dialogue prompted the long-overdue renovation project.

The funding for the boardwalk reconstruction comes from a combination of state and federal grants as well as local funds. Governor Phil Murphy has committed $4 million towards the project this year, the same amount as in 2021, and the U.S. Economic Development

The administration has contributed $3.25 million, to be matched by $845,000 in local funds.

Those visiting the boardwalk will notice a thin section of the boardwalk that is not fully completed. There was a minor delay with the delivery of the wood but it shouldn’t interfere with any business that wants to open its doors.

Mayor Byron ensured that the Western side of the boardwalk would be 100% open by Easter so that any business that wanted to be open, could be open.

Those businesses located on the Eastern side had temporary wood placed in front of their business. This allowed them to operate still while construction was finishing up.

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The remaining unfinished section of the boardwalk is expected to be finished by the end of April.

Commissioner of Public Safety, Steven Mikulski, emphasized, “Temporary security fencing will be in place at various locations, and we ask that no one tampers with the fencing. Please expect temporary disruptions until the work is fully completed.”

A third phase of the renovation is planned for the blocks between Schellenger and Spencer avenues, with potential commencement in the fall of 2023.

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Tour 2023

NEW Wildwood Boardwalk Tour 2023

The complete renovation is projected to take up to eight years as funding becomes available and the work is done in sections to ensure that the boardwalk remains open from May to October each year.

In the video below, the WVA breaks down how the process of getting the boardwalk refurbished. Before you watch, please consider subscribing to our Youtube channel.