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Morey’s Adventure Pier Construction Update

Morey’s Adventure Pier Construction Update

Morey’s Adventure Pier, located on the iconic Wildwood Boardwalk, is currently undergoing a massive construction project with the aim of enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

The project, which commenced in late 2022, focuses on the entrance of the park and includes upgrades to existing facilities as well as the creation of a new dining and entertainment district known as the Food Hall.

Morey’s Adventure Pier Construction Update

Morey’s Adventure Pier Construction Update

One of the unique features of the Food Hall is that it will utilize shipping containers to house a variety of food and alcoholic beverage services. Morey’s Piers intends to license the entire pier area for alcoholic beverage service and to accommodate this new project, 14 additional containers up to 20 feet and 11 additional containers up to 40 feet will be added to the pier.

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This concept of using shipping containers has been previously tested by Morey’s with the successful building of the artBOX, which has gained popularity among visitors.

Those who have visited California may have run into many of these food hall establishments. The emerging trend of repurposing shipping containers as small-scale food venues has breathed new life into these versatile structures, offering an affordable option for entrepreneurs.

With costs ranging from $2,500 to $3,000 per container, this innovative approach to utilizing shipping containers has gained popularity as a cost-effective solution for creating unique and trendy food spaces.

According to the mock-up photos, the Southern front of the pier is where the makeover is taking place.

In order to make room for the new project, the fan-favorite attraction Boat Tag had to be removed. Boat Tag had been a popular ride at Morey’s Adventure Pier since its opening in 1986, allowing riders to sit inside a boat and fire yellow balls at other guests, creating an exciting water-themed experience.

The ride was put up for sale in December and its new home was announced in February to be Malacari’s Produce & Deli in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

In a Facebook post, Malacari’s Produce & Deli announced their purchase of Boat Tag and its relocation to their Mountain Top location next to the mini golf course.

This wasn’t the only building removed from the pier. The popular Kohrs Brothers ice cream stand had to be demolished so that the boardwalk beams could be replaced to support the heavy shipping containers that will be used in the Food Hall.

While it is currently unknown what kind of restaurants and food vendors will be featured in the Food Hall, blueprints reveal that Curley’s Fries and Kohrs Brothers will both have locations on the pier.

The Wildwood Video Archive stopped by the project back in February to find most of the wood sections of the pier prepped and ready to receive the containers.

With Memorial Day Weekend, which is the opening date of that pier, just 8 weeks away, Morey’s Piers is stepping up the speed of the construction.

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As of the first week of April, Morey’s started bringing containers on the beach, cutting out the windows and doors, and then are lifted into place.

Currently, there are only seven containers in place with another three containers being cut on the beach.

By the looks of it, Curley’s Fries will be located at the Northern section of the pier and Kohrs Brothers in the same place on the southern side.

The WVA toured the property and put the seagull (drone) into the sky to give you a bird’s point of view.

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