Signs of the End of Summer

Sometimes this time of year gets a bit sad. As we dive further and further into Fall we start to see changes around the island. From the blinking traffic lights to the packing up of the rides on the boardwalk.

Today there was a bigger sign of the changes in Wildwood. Our friends at A.B.S. Sign Co., Inc.

started collecting signs to store for the winter. They do this every fall to help protect some of the Wildwood signs you love to see lit up during the summer.

Below you can see them taking down Little Nickys Pizza’s sign.

The good thing is that there are so many fun events taking place this weekend. You can check them out below!

This Wildwood Monster Truck Beach Races

Mid-Atlantic Police & Fire Survivors Weekend

Flitzer’s Final Farewell Party

MudHen Brewing Co. Oktoberfest

Olde Time Italian Festival

Ed’s Funcade Boardwalk Treasure Hunt