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Snow And A Nor’easter? What Could NJ Expect

Snow And A Nor’easter? What Could NJ Expect

There have been many reports going on about the future snow accumulation and Nor’easter that will be coming up starting on Sunday. Let’s go through what we know so far and how it will effect New Jersey.

Snow And A Nor’easter? What Could NJ Expect

Snow And A Nor’easter? What Could NJ Expect

Weather forecasts at times can vary depending on how far out the storm is. Right now we know that this storm will start late on Sunday and will hang with us until late on Tuesday night and will bring some kind of precipitation.

Due to how far out the forecast is there isn’t a true way of knowing how much snow we will get. It really come down to which front (high or low) decided to stay around.

This storm is a 2 phase storm sweep.

In the beginning the high pressure air will sweep down causing the precipitation to be snow. This could bring about one inches of snow to the entire tri-state.

The second phase is the low pressure which will sweep up and off the coast causing the air to get warm enough to make it rain.

To determine how much snow we will have will determine the position of these fronts. If the low front stays we will see a frozen mix on the 95 corridor. Places west of Philadelphia will get 6-8 inches and most of New Jersey would get rain.

If the high front stays down and the low stays out we will see a shift of snow with North Jersey seeing that 6-8 inch total and South Jersey to see 1-4 inches.

This storm will be sitting off the coast for a few days which could cause tidal flooding in the shore towns.

Be sure to tune back later for more updates on this storm.

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