Stopping North Wildwood Beach Replenishments?

Beach replenishments in North Wildwood have become just about a yearly thing now. In the hurricane season, which generally hits us from September through November, much of the sand placed in North Wildwood is eroded away.

In the wintertime, we see our beaches take another big hit as winter storms batter the beachfront.

Stopping North Wildwood Beach Replenishments?

Stopping North Wildwood Beach Replenishments?

The Springtime brings us the sounds of the calm waves hitting the waterline and the beeping of dump trucks on the beach moving sand from Wildwood to holding areas in North Wildwood.

This process of taking sand from the first few feet of the Wildwood beaches and trucking them back to North Wildwood is called ‘back passing.’

For the past few years, the city has been spending $4 Million a year to move the sand back.

Unfortunately, as the currents and storms pull the sand South, any sand that was placed in North Wildwood finds its way back where it started.

According to an article in the Cape May Herald, we could see the end of these ‘back passing’ projects.

North Wildwood’s leadership is looking at the city’s future and is noticing that the money that’s used to fix the beaches are eating away at projects that the city could be doing on land.

Projects such as new parks, fixing up the boardwalk, and paving the city roads. With little to show year after year of back passing, some city officials feel skipping a year could help other projects move forward.

How do you feel about the subject?

The city still has plans on extending its current bulkhead system and dune system which we have outlined before.

If you would like to read about that click the link below.

The Future North Wildwood Bulkhead

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