The Future North Wildwood Bulkhead

It’s no secret that North Wildwood has an issue with erosion. The biggest problem with erosion isn’t the loss of the beach but rather the loss of protection for the properties just off the beach.

Every time we lose sand it inches the water closer to spilling into the streets which causes damage. 

A good example of that was the underlining that took place last Spring. The underlining caused the city to close off many sidewalks on the beach block until they were fixed for deemed safe.

Over the past 6 years, we have seen Mayor Rosenello and the city of North Wildwood make many changes to our beaches to help fight these issues.

In 2019 we saw a new bulkhead built from 5th ave to 7th street

In 2020 we saw bulkheads installed all the way down to 15th street.

These two new bulkheads created a great barrier to hold back the water. Looking back at the nor’easters we had this past October, we can see that this system does work but does need some improvements.

Right now the city is moving forward with plans to fortify 5th street through 7th street with a new system of protection.

This new system would be a two-phase protection plan. The city will push back the current bulkhead and rocks will be placed on the ocean side. Once completed 16-foot tall dune will be built.

There is no start date on this project yet as things are still in their early phases.

Our friend PJ Hondros who runs the North Wildwood Coastal Processes Facebook Group uploaded more details about this project and its new path.

Watch the video below as we break down these new details.

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