The Boardwalk Mall Announces Major Changes!

Over the past summer we had received many questions regarding the Boardwalk Mall located at Garfield Ave and the boardwalk. This secret was one that we had been holding back for a while now and tried so hard to tell people about it when they ask their questions but now we are ready to talk!

Yesterday The Boardwalk Mall officially announced on Facebook that they are going to be doing some major renovations to the building.

The full building will receive a facelift and will look completely different than it looks today.

On the outside the building will be painted white with a new facade. The facade will offer bigger open windows that allow you to see completely down the boardwalk.

On the inside Capt Jacks is coming in to claim the top front to the building. They plan to have two locations open.  Inside Jacks will officer the same decor they have at their other location.

The Boardwalk Mall Announces Major Changes

The Boardwalk Mall Announces Major Changes

At this time this is all that we know about the project. Tune back in for more info!

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