The Future of Roar at the Shore

The Future of Roar at the Shore

The Future of Roar at the Shore

Lately we have been receiving many comments in regards to an article posted in the Herald newspaper about the future of the biking event “Roar to the Shore.” Many of those comments were based off of rumors so we decided to address those comments now.

For those who are unaware of whats going on. Every single year on the first weekend in September, a motorcycle event, “Roar to the Shore,” takes place. This event sees hundreds of bikers and their families come down.

Over the course of a few years the family aspect of the event became more of a retreat for the wrong crowd. This past event there were some issues that raised some flags such as a higher attendance of outlaw motorcycle gangs that caused some trouble.

Folks in the community called to complain about the roughness of this year’s attendees which prompted Wildwood’s Mayor Ernie Troiano to question if the event should be cut from next year’s program.

At this time there has been NO decision on the matter. Right now it’s more of a conversation on how to regulate the event so that it’s safe and to find a way to keep the roughness out.

For years this event has been a fun and peaceful event and it wouldn’t be fair to those who do come down and follow the rules.

So next time you read some where that says the event has fully been canceled please share this with them.

Make sure you tune in to see if we have any updates on the manner.

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