Sailor Jellyfish Spotted In Wildwood

One cool thing about living at the shore is that you to experience different kinds of marine life.

Yesterday one of our visitors Jessica Lennon was walking the North Wildwood beaches and came across some odd shaped jelly-fish. It was roughly about 6-7 cm in diameter.

The jellyfish-like thing is called a Velella or most commonly named “by-the-wind sailors.” Velella normally live on the surface of the ocean very far off our coast.

They don’t have fins so they rely on the wind to push their sails to get around. They may be small but they travel in packs that could be up to a few millions.

Those the Velellas share the same family of the dreaded Man O’ War jellyfish, they are nothing like them. According to though they have stinging tentacles they are harmless to humans.

We think that these Velellas had made their way to our beaches after these past few hurricanes pushed them closer to our coast.

Take a look below at Jessica’s photos of them.

Velella Jellyfish Spotted In Wildwood

Velella Jellyfish Spotted In Wildwood

If you want to learn more about these jellyfish check out this video below.

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