The Impact Of Dorian On South Jersey UPDATE

The Impact Of Dorian On South Jersey UPDATE

The Impact Of Dorian On South Jersey UPDATE

Since yesterday’s update things have change slightly on how Dorian will affect us here in South Jersey.

Keep in mind that Hurricane Doran will not be having a major impact on Jersey. The new path of Hurricane Doran has it very far off our coast line. The Jersey Shore will be feeling post of the impact due to Dorian’s outer bands.

South Jersey will start to see rain from the outer bands starting late tonight with wind gusts being 15 to 25 miles per hour.

Dorian will pass South Jersey Friday evening into Saturday morning with heavy rain and wind gusts from 25 to 40 miles per hour for those here in Cape May County.

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While Dorian is further out to sea then predicted yesterday, some of our concerns are still valid.

It is advised to not swim in the ocean Friday into Saturday due to strong rip currents and patterning waves.

Beach erosion will be an issue due waves that could he as high as 9 feet.  High tide for Wildwood will be at 2:28pm. This is where some flooding could take place.

By late Saturday morning we will be out of the clear with just a little wind left behind.

This is the latest we have on how Dorian will effect The Jersey Shore. tune back for more info.

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