This Is How Dorian Will Effect South Jersey

This Is How Dorian Will Effect South Jersey

This Is How Dorian Will Effect South Jersey

If you have been following the news, there is a category 2 hurricane named Dorian hurling it’s way through Florida and towards the Carolinas.

With this said, we have gotten tons of questions and comments about how hurricane Dorian will effect us here at the Jersey Shore.

If you were to look on NOAA’s website you will notice that the predicted path of hurricane Dorian is trending more towards out to sea but there are still some concerns for us in the form of winds, rains, and tidal flooding.

As predicted hurricane Dorian will be a category 1 hurricane. We will start to see some heavy winds of 11 to 18MPH starting Thursday morning around 5th. This is the outer band of the hurricane. The rain will start roughly around 10pm on Thursday.

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Fridays is where the bulk of the effects will be felt. We are expecting winds from 25 to 35 MPH with rain fall being close to an inch. High tide for Wildwood will be at 2:28pm. This is where the flooding could take place.

It is advised to not swim in the ocean Friday due to strong rip currents and patterning waves.

This is the latest we have on how Dorian will effect The Jersey Shore. tune back for more info.

Check out our Wildwood Beach Storm Evacuation Video below!