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The Many Seagulls of the Wildwood Boardwalk

The Many Seagulls of the Wildwood Boardwalk

The Wildwood Boardwalk boasts a multitude of attractions, but it’s particularly renowned for its culinary delights.

Pizza, Curley’s Fries, hot dogs, and ice cream stand out as some of the cherished gastronomic options cherished by visitors who leisurely wander along the boardwalk.

Interestingly, it’s not just humans that relish these treats. Those familiar with the island are well aware of mischievous birds that target inattentive food-holders, aiming to swoop in and snatch their meals.

The Many Seagulls of the Wildwood Boardwalk

The Many Seagulls of the Wildwood Boardwalk

These cunning avian creatures are none other than laughing gulls, commonly known as seagulls.

The avian food raids along the boardwalk and beach have achieved legendary status, often becoming a memorable part of family vacation stories. A seagull attack is a tale frequently shared when recalling past family getaways.

Given the lasting impression left by seagull encounters, the minds at Morey’s Piers had an ingenious idea – why not craft plush toy seagulls? Capitalizing on their existing seagull mascot named “Sunny the Seagull,” the creative team at Morey’s created a rendition of the bird complete with a French fry in its beak.

In the summer of 2022, they introduced this ravenous plush companion to their patrons, sparking a seagull invasion of sorts on the island. The plush swiftly became the must-have boardwalk toy of the season, surpassing supply expectations and necessitating urgent reorders.

The demand for the stuffed animal skyrocketed to the point that unofficial prices on platforms like eBay surged to as high as $150.

The influence of this plush creation rippled throughout the amusement park industry, and the prestigious “International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions” (IAAPA) recognized Morey’s Piers by bestowing upon them the title of having the finest plush item of 2022.

The summer of 2023 witnessed an even greater surge in the seagull craze as the plush toys gained licenses for distribution in towns across the United States, including Seaside Heights, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Cedar Point, and more.

Numerous businesses along the boardwalk sought to capitalize on the seagull plush trend. During the off-season, they embarked on crafting their own versions, resulting in a proliferation of over 7 distinct types of plush seagulls available on the boardwalk. 

These seagulls exhibit a wide array of forms, patterns, and colors. Among them, you’ll find those with remarkably large eyes, some clutching frogs in their beaks, others tending to their fledglings, and even some that accompany you on a stroll along the boardwalk.

Morey’s Piers didn’t stop at just one iteration as well; they introduced a few diverse variations, including a female seagull named Sandy the Seagull and a new Sunny the Seagull that has a pizza slice in it’s mouth.

As a result, families now enthusiastically dash along the boardwalk, aiming to acquire as many seagull plush toys as possible – either through purchases or wins.

Because of this new challenge, viewers have written to the Wildwood Video Archive asking what kind of seagulls are on the boardwalk and where can you get them.

We decided it would make a fun video to run up and down the boardwalk and film a video showcasing these fluffy friends.

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There is something you should know though. There exists a particular seagull that stands apart from those found on the boardwalk, yet would make a fantastic addition to the collection – Sammi the Seagull. This plush seagull distinguishes itself significantly from any you might have encountered previously.

Sammi the Seagull is designed to perch on your shoulder while strolling along the boardwalk. Utilizing magnets, this seagull remains faithfully by your side, regardless of the distance you traverse.

You can see Sammi the Seagull in action in our Seagull tour video at the bottom of our page.

To purchase Sammi the Seagull CLICK HERE.

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