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Wildwood Video Archive Nominated For An Emmy

Wildwood Video Archive Nominated For An Emmy


On Thursday, August 10th, the Mid-Atlantic chapter announced their 2023 Emmy Award nominations via a live stream on Youtube and Zoom.

The Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards is a prominent division within the esteemed National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). Established in the year 1981, this division proudly caters to the dynamic Mid-Atlantic states and regions, fostering excellence within the realm of television and broadcasting.

Wildwood Video Archive Nominated For An Emmy

Wildwood Video Archive Nominated For An Emmy

When people think of Emmy Awards they think of the National Emmy Awards broadcasted on Television. The National Awards are awarded for nationwide content such as Daytime Entertainment, News & Documentary, Community Service, Sports, and Technology & Engineering.

Think of it as a broadcast that is seen from coast to coast.

The Regional Emmy Awards are a bit different. Regional Emmy Awards are given in nineteen regions across the United States. These nineteen regions include multiple states and territories to create each chapter. A production can only reach less than 50% of the country to be considered a regional production.

The local NATAS region is Mid-Atlantic. The Mid-Atlantic chapter includes any work that is produced for broadcast in the states of Delaware; Most of Pennsylvania; Parts of New Jersey and Ohio.

The Regional Emmys play a vital role in facilitating the recognition of individuals within local television by NATAS extending their outreach to regional levels. Similar to the national awards, each distinct region follows a comprehensive process of nominations and voting, marked by its own stringent protocols.

Dedicated committees are convened to meticulously assess entries, ensuring they meet the criteria of eligibility and maintain a commendable level of quality. Subsequently, these entries undergo a thorough evaluation by distinct review panels, whose collective judgments culminate in the selection of ultimate nominees.

In March of this year, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter opened up nominations for the 2023 Emmy Awards. The Wildwood Video Archive was one of many companies and productions that submitted their videos for consideration.

Under the creative mind of Joey Contino, The Wildwood Video Archive submitted their video, “South Jersey’s Unknown Ship Graveyard.”

(This video can be viewed at the bottom of this article)

This project was one that was six months in the making. Since the wreaks had sat on the Salem Nuclear Plant property and visitors couldn’t visit there, these wreaks were never documented.

The video delved into the intriguing past of 18 submerged World War I ships intentionally grounded to form a protective barrier along the shoreline of Lower Alloways Creek in Salem County, situated within the Delaware River.

With research completed in January of this year, the only thing left to do was obtain permission from the nuclear plant majority owner, PSEG Nuclear LLC, and to wait for the lowest low tide of the month.

The hard work paid off since that video has now earned the Wildwood Video Archive it’s very first Emmy Nomination in the category of “Historical/Culture – Long Form Content.”

The Wildwood Video Archive is now up against five other amazing submissions.

South Jersey’s Ship Graveyard

South Jersey’s Ship Graveyard

The 41st Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy Awards will take place on Saturday, October 14th and the Wildwood Video Archive team will be there with bells on.

Contino expressed gratitude to his family, friends, supporters, and Patrons, acknowledging their role in enabling him to pursue his passion for narrating the history of South Jersey. He made sure to thank his wife Julia who not only supports him by being his videographer and producer but for also being the soundboard to the sometimes crazy ideas he has.

Below is the now Emmy Nominated video, “South Jersey’s Unknown Ship Graveyard.” If you wish the read the original article from March be sure to Click Here.

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