The Oceanic Hotel Expansion Project – Video Blue Prints

The Oceanic Hotel is expanding and we have an awesome video to show you of what it’s going to look like. (Video at the bottom of the article)

The Oceanic Hotel Expansion Project

The Oceanic Hotel Expansion Project

On July 6th we announced that the Oceanic Hotel, located 4600 Ocean Ave In Wildwood, filed for an expansion.

If you want to read about the first announcement click the link below.

Wildwood Motel Files For An Expansion!

In short the application called for knocking down the old 1940s collages in the back and expanding the main building to bring 36 new units to the building.

On top of this they would add a massive pool deck on the second floor and upgrade their laundry facility, exercise room, banquet facility and renovate all existing rooms.

During a zoning and planning meeting that took place last night they got their final approval to move forward.

The time line of this project is a bit slower than that we are used to.

The Oceanic Hotel will open this summer as normal. The only changes will be to fix the current storm damage which cause a bit of damage in some of the rooms.

In the off-season we will start to see progress on the expansion.

When we filmed this video, last week, this meeting wasn’t on the books so there is a little bit of outdated info.

Just to correct a few things. They do not plan to knock down the collages until 2022. It is Spring 2022 when the project will be moving in full swing. The plans that they submitted last night included a different color scheme. To keep it more Doo-Wop they are adding a bunch of colors and a new sign on the street corner.

Below is our tour of the building and a sneak-preview of what the Oceanic Hotel will look like once it’s done.

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