Colorized Historical Wildwood Photos – Part 1

Here at the Wildwood Video Archive we are always finding new ways to preserve our history.

Colorized Historical Wildwood Photos - Part 1

Colorized Historical Wildwood Photos – Part 1

For the past seven years we preserved our history by purchasing old 8mm and 16mm reels, financed by our patrons on Patreon, and digitizing them one frame at a time.

This is how you have been able to see some very unique videos of the Wildwoods such as the one showcasing the Wildwoods from 1915.

As time moves on we start to develop, as a society, new software that allows us to bring history closer to reality.

What I mean by this is normally people are used to such crystal clear full HD video that when someone see’s a black and white video they can’t really connect to it.

Today’s technology and the future technology will rely on A.I. or artificial intelligence, in preserving our history.

Moving forward we have learned a new method of bring history back to color by using a sophisticated software, and a ton of Photoshop, to bring some historic Wildwood photos back to life.

Please note, I am just starting off on this technology and so it may not be perfect but it’s a start.

It’s with this learning phase that I will be able to find a way to color correct the hours of black and white videos I have sitting in the archive.

If you would like to support these project please consider being a Patreon.

We do plan to do many more parts on this. This is just the beginning.

These photos, which have been provided by the Wildwood Historical Society, will show the before and after photo. In-between these two photos are hours of work.

Please enjoy!

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