The Race of Gentlemen Recap

The Race of Gentlemen Recap

The Race of Gentlemen Recap

For the past few years a new event has been invading the beaches of Wildwood. This event is called the Race of Gentlemen.

For those who haven’t heard of this event, it is a four day event that that centers around a drag race on the beach featuring cars from early America. (1930s and older).

The history of the event stems from our sister town Cape May. The first car race on the beach took place back 1905 on a 1-mile long course in Cape May. That early race includes some big names such as Henry Ford, Louis Chevrolet and speed record holder Walter Christie.

Over time the race disappeared and then came back to light in 2012 when the Race of Gentlemen started back up in Asbury Park. It was moved to Wildwood a few years later and attract racers from all over the world. 

The event grew from one day to four days which includes a car show, bike races, concerts, parades and more. 

We had the pleasure to attend two of the days and had a blast. We filmed it all for you. Enjoy!

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