The Runaway Tram Coaster Is Here

The Runaway Tram Coaster Is Here

The Runaway Tram Coaster Is Here

We have a BIG update for you on Morey’s Piers new coaster, The Runaway Tram.

If you have been following our stories for the past few months you would know that Morey’s Piers is adding a new coaster to Surfside Pier. You can read about those updates by clicking on of the links below

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When we went up to the boardwalk today we found the supports and some of the track on the beach! We decided to give you a quick behind the scenes view of the supports and a piece of the track! Just like an Amazon box on your step we get things on our beach!

I am told that at the end of tomorrow most of the track will be out on the beach too! Below is the video of our tour.

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