The Runaway Tram in 360

The Runaway Tram in 360

The Runaway Tram in 360

As you may know, Morey’s Piers opened their NEW coaster, The Runaway Tram, just over two weeks ago. While we were all happy that it opened many people were upset that they were unable to ride it due to it opening to late in the summer.

Due to so many people writing to us saying how upset they were, we decided to film a tour of The Runaway Tram using our 360 camera.

In the video below you are able to see in all directions. The best way to view this video is with a VR goggle. If you don’t have one no worries. Just hold your phone up horizontally and move it up, down, left and right! If you’re on your computer use your curser to drag up, down, left and right!

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