The Wildwood Beach Patrol Saves 4 Swimmers

Press Release from the City of Wildwood:

At approximately 9:50AM, Wildwood Lifeguards were headed out to their assigned beaches and responded to calls for help on the beach. Lifeguards recognized four bathers in distress about 50yds off shore in the area of Spicer Avenue and the beach.

Lifeguards entered the water and rescued 3 males and one female. The first male was unconscious when rescued and CPR was administered. The second male was semi conscious when brought to shore. The third male and female were conscious and alert. The first victim responded to CPR and became conscious on the beach.

The Wildwood Beach Patrol transferred care for all four victims to the Wildwood Fire Department. All four victims were transported to an area hospital for further medical evaluation.

Captain Ed Schneider said, “The lifeguards did a great of job responding to a critical incident, and their skills and training saved lives.”

CBS Philly reports that,

“they were part of a family group who came to the beach near Spicer Avenue, set up their blankets, and, even though signs warned them not to, (they) hit the water sometime before lifeguard shifts began at 10 a.m.”


Editors Note: We cannot thank our lifeguards enough for the hard work they do every single day. This past Saturday would of turned out completely different if it wasn’t for the high training standards of our lifeguards. One main fact you can learn from this story is that you should NEVER go swimming without a lifeguard on duty.  Make sure you thank a lifeguard everyday! You never know, they might save your life one day!


For information about the Wildwood Beach Patrol please check them out on their website, or give them a call at (609)522-3825.

Main photo credited to The Wildwood Boardwalk

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