Wildwood Junction Is No More

Wildwood Junction Is No More

Wildwood Junction Is No More

It’s sad to say but the Wildwood Junction is no more!

For those who don’t know. Back in the old days when train ruled the world, there used to be two days into Wildwood. As you took the train down to Wildwood you could enter via North Wildwood/Anglesea via Anglesea Junction or Wildwood/West Wildwood via Wildwood Junction.

A junction is a connection between the tracks of the two routes, provided by points and signaling. The Cape May Seashore Lines used to own these rails.

If you want to learn about the Rails of the Wildwoods, click the link below.

Rails To The Wildwoods

We visited the Wildwood Junction as the first history video we ever did on this website. It was at this time that people were looking to make it into a history museum of some sort. Sadly this never happened.

It was announced at a recent Middle Township meeting that the old Wildwood Junction was going down. Back in 2019 the building was officially condemned and the city was waiting on some red tape to be moved so that they can rip it out.

While the track is owned by NJ Transit and leased to the Seashore Lines, that section of the rail had been abandoned. the city had to get permissions from both for them to be able to take it down.

They demolished the building this past week. We decided to give you a tour of the property one last time.

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