The Wildwoods Play The National Anthem Daily

It turns out that the Wildwoods do something daily that not many towns do anymore and that is the airing of our National Anthem.

This past weekend we posted a video on Facebook showing what happens and you all had a ton of great questions.

Every single day at 11 am, the world-famous Wildwood Boardwalk comes to a complete stand-still to honor our great country.

The Wildwoods Play The National Anthem Daily

The Wildwoods Play The National Anthem Daily

By stand-still we mean it. An announcement comes over the boardwalk public announcement system that says “Ladies and gentlemen, please pause and stand for the playing of our national anthem.”

People disembark from their bikes, hats come off men’s heads, and people standstill.

The version of our National Anthem is sung by country music star LeAnn Rimes. The song only runs for 120 seconds but for those two minutes, there is no movement on the boardwalk.

Afterward Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” plays.

Many folks asked us how long has this been going on? The history books don’t really give an exact year when this started but many say they remember it as far back as 1970.

If you can’t experience it live for yourself, check out a video of it below.

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