Watching The George Redding Bridge Open

We have many visitors down here in the summer and they always ask us if the George Redding Bridge opens.

The George Redding bridge is located at the foot entrance of Wildwood. It’s that Bridge you cross over to get into the island if you take the 4B-A exit on the Garden State Parkway.

Watching The George Redding Bridge Open

Watching The George Redding Bridge Open

The bridge was built and completed on July 27th, 1950, and has been opening and closing at least twice a day ever since.

It is one of the oldest it is one of many bridges are maintained by the Cape May Bridge Commission.

Have you ever wondered who George reading actually was? George A. Redding was a former New Jersey Senator who got his start in North Wildwood.

He held many positions in the Wildwoods including Wildwood’s Municipal Clerk, North Wildwood Chief of Police, Cape May County Sheriff, and was the Mayor of North Wildwood for twenty years. After that, he became a State Senator where he performed both duties as Mayor of North Wildwood and State Senator. 

For those who haven’t seen the George Redding Bridge open, do not worry. We filmed a full video for your viewing pleasure!

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