Touring Morey’s Mariner Pier 2020

Touring Morey's Mariner Pier 2020

Touring Morey’s Mariner Pier 2020

With the pandemic keeping a ton of you stuck at home I decided to take my camera and walk around Morey’s Mariner’s Pier to give you a tour.

We did a tour on Morey’s Mariner Pier a few months ago before it opened. If you want, you can compare the two videos by clicking the link below.

Morey’s Pre-Season Tour

For the purpose of the video I went during a time where it wouldn’t be so busy. As you know there are requirements on how many people can be at any amusement park in the states. I didn’t want to mess up Morey’s capacity.

To end this video I ran in Mariner’s Arcade to show you around!

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