Turtle Gut To Take Over Ritas In The Crest

There is a new food spot to check out the next time you are in the Wildwoods.

Turtle Gut To Take Over Ritas In The Crest

Turtle Gut To Take Over Ritas In The Crest

Please welcome Turtle Gut to the island.

Located at 7609 New Jersey Ave in Wildwood Crest, Turtle Gut is taking the old location of Rita’s Deli & Bakery.

Back in March Rita’s Deli & Bakery sold and no one knew if the building would be opening this summer. Lucky for us Turtle Gut Coffee is already open for business.

Turtle Gut’s name has a historic character to it. Where it is currently located used to be an inlet called Turtle Gut inlet. It was filled in many years ago to make Wildwood Crest larger.

They will be open from 8 am for breakfast and will stay open until 9 pm for ice cream. Their menu includes breakfast sandwiches, smash burgers, parfaits, ice cream, and more.

They are currently hiring. If you are interested in being on the team reach out to them at info@turtlegut.com.

We wish Turtle Gut the best of luck! Be sure to give them a like on their Instagram page

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