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Have You Tried The Chum Bucket Bloody Mary?

Have You Tried The Chum Bucket Bloody Mary?

The Surfing Pig in North Wildwoods is one of the best places to catch a cold one, enjoy a great meal and watch the sunset.

Located at 231 W 10th Ave (10th and the bay), they offer one-of-a-kind drinks that make you come back for more.

One of those drinks is the Chum Bucket Bloody Mary.

While hearing ‘Chum Bucket’ might make you want to run for the hills, this one you will love (unless you don’t like a good Bloody Mary).

Served as a breakfast cocktail, it is a mixture of a Bloody Mary and a manhattan clam chowder.

Let’s break down the ingredients. Grab a glass and add in some Old Bay seasoning with a few tablespoons of lump crabmeat.

Next add in ice, your choice of vodka, and Bloody Mary before shaking it up. You finish it up with a shrimp and a crab claw.

There you have it, a Surfing Pig Chum Bucket Bloody Mary.

Is this something you would try? Below is a video showing you how to make one if you are unable to make it to the Wildwoods.

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