Body of Humpback Whale Washes up in North Wildwood

This morning people in the Grassy Sound woke up to a smell that wasn’t native to the bay. Located just under the North Wildwood Boulevard bridge sits the small community mostly known as the Grassy Sound.

Body of Humpback Whale Washes up in North Wildwood

Body of Humpback Whale Washes up in North Wildwood

This section was the original entrance into North Wildwood (and Anglesea) until the massive North Wildwood Boulevard bridge was built.

It seemed that over night the high tide current washed in a humpback whale carcass and it got stuck under one of the piers.

The Marine Police were called earlier this morning who later called the United States Coast Guard and the Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

According to the Grassy Sound marina, one of the officers said that they hd reports of a sea whale off shore about a week ago. They believe that this whale might be that whale mentioned.

As you can see from the photos and drone videos by Dan Robinson, (which you can see below) the humpback whale has been decomposing for quite some time.

It is unknown at this time what will be done to dispose of the body. Experts are saying that this is a juvenile humpback whale sitting at roughly 30 feet long.

A full-sized humpback whale could reach as large as 52 feet long and a mass of 66,000 pounds.

Tune back later for more details.

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