Chocolate Moonshine Opens on the Wildwood Boardwalk!

There is a new sweets spot to check out the next time you’re up on the Wildwood Boardwalk.

Please welcome Chocolate Moonshine to the island!

Chocolate Moonshine Opens on the Wildwood Boardwalk!

Chocolate Moonshine Opens on the Wildwood Boardwalk!

Located at Spencer and the Boardwalk (across from Adventure pier), Chocolate Moonshine built a shop out of the old hatchet-throwing game.

Chocolate Moonshine should sound familiar to you because it is a chain with locations in Grove City, Pennsylvania, Annapolis, Maryland, Bethesda Maryland, and Hanover Maryland.

According to their website, this is their second location in the state of New Jersey.

For those who haven’t heard of Chocolate Moonshine before, they are gourmet fudge and chocolate store that has over 30 flavors of fudge.

First opened in the 1980s, their fudge is made in the small-batch tradition, hand-stirred in copper kettles cooked over an open flame.

This cooking method creates a silky smooth fudge that has been recognized as one of America’s finest.

Some of their flavors include; Fruity Pebbles, Strawberry Lemonade, Firecracker, Rocky Road, Belgian Chocolate, Pecan Turtle, Dark Espresso, Cotton Candy, Creme Brulee, Black Cherry Bourbon, Barrel-Ages Whiskey and so many more. (too many to name).

On top of this, they also sell Hand-Painted Truffle Bars. They look like pieces of art to the point where you don’t want to eat them. (they look that cool).

Be sure to stop by and give some of their flavors a try.

They do have an online store if you watch to check out their menu in advance or even order some fudge online. To check out their website click HERE.

While our reporters were there, Chocolate Moonshine was selling fudge for $12.99 a half-pound. (they do have some specials from time to time)

[Photos by Mark at 42Freeway]

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