Two NEW Motels Are Coming To Cape May

There is some exciting news coming from our sister town, Cape May.

It was just announced that there are two new motels coming to the island for next summer.

This past month the Cape Winds Motel, located at 810 Lafayette St, Cape May, NJ, closed it’s doors. Over this winter the motel will be renovated and re-themed to “Boarding House.”

This will become a cool beach themed location with colors that will match what we see on our beaches, (blues, sand tans and whites).

The ownership is not changing. The Hirsch family will still be running the show!

The second motel that will be coming to Cape May is the Lokal Hotel. If your from Philadelphia, around Old City, there is a Lokal Hotel there as well. This Cape May location will be ran by the same family and will offer their “invisible service.”

Below you can see renderings of both of the properties.

Two NEW Motels Are Coming To Cape May

Two NEW Motels Are Coming To Cape May

Are you excited by this? We sure are!!

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