The Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament is coming to Wildwood from Saturday, July 25 and Sunday, July 26 and it is already billing to be on of the largest Co-ed beach Frisbee tournaments in the World. this year will mark the 23rd years of having the Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament in Wildwood.

The Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament will take place on the Schellenger Avenue beach. The fields will span between Morey’s Piers Mariners Landing pier and Adventure pier. The games will run from  nine (9)am until five (5)pm on Saturday and Sunday.

So far 464 teams have registered and the tournament is expected to have closer to 500 by the time the events start. If you want to register for the tournament, please visit All players must be 18 years of age or older. All players must be registered and paid for before the event starts. Also spectators are able to view each match for free.

On their website it lists the requirements and all the rules. For your ease the link to the rules and requirements are here.  If you plan on participating, please make sure you read the rules over so you have a clear understanding of what will be taking place.

According to , last year’s event was very successful. Most of the money they collect go to many different charities. They go on to say,

“W2BU Inc, the parent company of the Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament, gave back to worthy causes including the Wounded Warrior Project, The Children’s Congenital Heart Information Network, Chief Arthur Brown Scholarship Foundation, Toys for Kids, Wildwood High School and Wildwood Catholic High School Athletic Departments, to name a few.”

It just comes to show that as you are having fun during the Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament, you also helping out people around the world!

For more information for the Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament, check out their website at

Keep an eye on the weather as the  Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament is held outside. If it is just light rain the events will keep continuing.