Update on Boat Fire In Wildwood

Update on Boat Fire In Wildwood

Yesterday we broke the story that around 2pm a boat fire in Wildwood was reported.

We had a few of our reporters send us video of it from around the island.

We wanted to update you with all the information.

One of the boats that was parked on a storage yard on Lake Ave. (Lake Ave and Leaming Ave) caught fire (still under investigation on why).

The fire quickly spread from that boat to two other boats. The winds at the time were around 5mph causing the flames to jump on the condos behind them.

Wildwood’s Fire Department were quick to make it to the scene as they were already on the boardwalk doing trainings for rescue (at Morey’s Piers Mariners Landing). Wildwood Fire Department was able to control the fire after an hour. In the end the fire had damaged three boats and three condos. 

A woman, who was on the boat, was injured and was flown to Crozer Medical Center to be treated for burns.

This was the first major fire in the Wildwoods since the Wildwood Crest fire on June 25th 2017. That three (3) alarm fire damaged two (2) homes. 

NBC Philadelphia News did a great story on the Wildwood Crest fire. If you want to check out that use the link below. 


Below is one of the eye-witness videos that was sent to us yesterday.

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