North Wildwood’s Empty Corners

I don’t know if you have noticed but North Wildwood’s intersection of Walnut Ave, New York Ave and Anglesea Drive have became very bare. Every corner of this intersection is now abandoned land. 

It all started when Nino’s Family Restaurant on the Triangle (corner of Anglesea Drive and Walnut Ave) was heavily damaged by superstorm superstorm Sandy in 2012. This building sat empty until last year when it was Demoed.

Our buddy Al at Wildwood 365 put up a great article talking about the Demo of Nino’s Family Restaurant on the Triangle. Check out the link and come back to us.

Next the Flag store (corner of Anglesea Drive and New York Ave) was knocked down to make room for condos a few years back. The condos were never built. 

Next the McDonalds (corner of Walnut Ave and New York Ave) was sold last year and knocked down in early 2018 to make room for condos.

Here’s a quick video on the demo of the McDonalds (Video Below) 

McDonald’s Getting Knocked Down Now!

And now the Gas station, which has been named a lot of things, (corner of corner of Anglesea Drive and New York Ave) was knocked down about a week ago.

This now leaves four empty lots at the unofficial entrance to North Wildwood.

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As of right now there is not word on what will take the place of the flag store lot, Nino’s lot or the gas station lot.

The kicker of this story is that a fifth corner is now abandoned. Slice Brick Oven Pizza, which was located at 120 W Walnut ave, hadn’t opened all summer long. We took a tour of the building and the land. Use the link below to watch. 

Slice Pizza Abandoned North Wildwood Tour

For those haven’t seen what the corners look like, we decided to take a quick drone shot of the area! Enjoy and please subscribe!


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