Vintage 1990 Morey’s Piers Commercial

As they say in the business, trends always fade but the memories of those trends could cause funny moments down the line.

Well, ok no one has never said that but you will after watching this vintage 1990 Morey’s Piers Commercial.

The 90s were such a different world especially when it came to television commercials.

Back then commercials were loud, had giant cuts in their editing, goofy sound effects and jingles.

Everything had a jingle from the famous the Folgers (the best part of waking up…) to Toys“R”Us (I don’t wanna grow up).

If you know that Morey’s Piers used to have their own 90s song? Neither did we!

Wildwood lover and friend Jack Davis emailed us a recorded copy of a 1990 commercial for Morey’s Piers.

Around this time Morey’s was spending a lot of money on commercials as they were trying to compete with a few other amusement parks on the boardwalk.

There is so much history in this one minute commercial. It features older rides such as the Breakdance, Enterprise, Condor, the old location of the Wave Swinger and so many more changes.

Click the play button and watch with your speakers on loud!


The Wildwood Video Archive has a collection of Morey’s Piers commerical from 1988 all the way back to 2003. Click on the “Wildwood Videos” tab to travel back in time to your favorate decade. 

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