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The Fudgy Wudgy Man Retires! – Saying Goodbye!

The Fudgy Wudgy Man Retires! – Saying Goodbye!

For the past 50 years Joseph Duncan, most known as Unk Dunk, (or Dunk for short) has been selling ice cream in North Wildwood between 17th and 20th street.

The Fudgy Wudgy Man Retires! - Saying Goodbye!

The Fudgy Wudgy Man Retires! – Saying Goodbye!

He moved from Southwest Philadelphia to the Wildwoods after surviving with the United States Marine Corps. While looking for a job his wife, Mrs. Fudgy Wudgy suggested in looking up the new ice cream man job that had just opened up.

At that time the only qualification you needed to sell ice cream on the beach was that you had to have served in the military. Dunk was easy to cross that off the list and 50 years later he still loves to do it.

The Fudgy Wudgy Man has became a fixture on the beach and many visitors have grown up with him in our lives. Seeing him daily and hearing his song drove us all to get our favorite cold snacks.

Since he has been serving up cold ones for 50 years he has seen family grow. Where he once sold ice cream to the kids in the 80s, he now sells to their kids… until now.

On Labor Day, September 5th, Dunk hung up his trunk and retired for good. He will be moving to Florida where he will hopefully never need to sell ice cream again.

Just like many others who saw Dunk all the summers of their lives, we all have a good Dunk story. (Mine I share in the video at the bottom of the page).

I felt that I needed to say thank you for everything he has done for me and for vacationers world-wide. On his last day we made it our mission to find him, thank him and record his famous “Fudgy Wudgy” spiel for the Wildwood Video Archive. (and for even more generations to hear his beach song).

At the bottom of this page is a our video and Dunk’s final spiel.

As he said, it’s not his last day but rather his last day of selling ice cream.

Thanks for the memories Dunk. Happy retirement!!!

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