Waterspout Seen Off Stone Harbor (Video)

Yesterday we had some crazy weather in South Jersey. Around 5:45pm Cape May County was issues a severe thunderstorm warning.

This warning caught many beach goers off guard with many umbrellas seen flying down the beach.

Just after 6pm, Melanie Moyer-Rosenberg recorded a video (See down below) in Stone Harbor of two water funnels starting to appear.

According to NOAA, a waterspout is a whirling column of air and water mist.

“Tornadic waterspouts are tornadoes that form over water, or move from land to water. They have the same characteristics as a land tornado. They are associated with severe thunderstorms, and are often accompanied by high winds and seas, large hail, and frequent dangerous lightning,” says NOAA.

It turned out that these weren’t the only funnels that were found in New Jersey. There was another one seen in Atlantic County.

Below is the video of the two waterspouts in Stone Harbor (Video Credit to Melanie Moyer-Rosenberg)

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