Wildwood’s Fire Departments Saves the Day!

Early this morning around 1am, 911 received a call of a fire at 220 West Buttercup Ave in Wildwood Crest. The Wildwood Fire Department was the first on the scene and was able to evacuate the building and it’s surroundings.

The fire, which is still under investigation, was on the top floor of the house and was under control quickly by the Wildwood Fire Department and the Wildwood Crest Fire Department. 

Unfortunately the family who lived there is now displaced and needs our help! They have a go-fundme campaign going on to help raise money. If you can help the Clunn family please click the link below.

Support the Clunn Family by Clicking HERE

We send a BIG thank you to our hard working fireman. Their professionalism and dedication to their job stopped this fire in it’s tracks.

John Lynch was able to capture some amazing photos and videos of the fire. Check them out below.


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