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Weekend Nor’Easter Update

Weekend Nor'Easter Update

Weekend Nor’Easter Update

Weekend Nor’Easter Update

The New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania area will be in for some crazy weather coming up this weekend. It is clear by now that this weekend our states will be getting a significant coastal storm/ nor’easter.

As the storm is still a bit away there are two possible ways this weekend could go.

In scenario one we see a nor’easter pass us about 50 miles off shore. The nor’easter would mostly effect the shore towns up the coast of New Jersey. It would still bring small amounts of tidal flooding to our area with 30 mile-per-hour wind gust and just over an inch of rain.

In scenario two we see the nor’easter enter through Delaware and move through New Jersey up into update New York. This or course will bring significant winds over 40 miles-per-hour and drop about three inches of rain. This would make tidal flooding more moderate. 

On major thing to keep in mind for the shore towns, we are just getting over a full moon so tides will be higher than normal.

Tune back later for more info!

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