West Wildwood Moves To Bans Cannabis Businesses

West Wildwood is joining the many shore towns in New Jersey who are moving to have Cannabis Businesses banned from their town.

West Wildwood Moves To Bans Cannabis Businesses

West Wildwood Moves To Bans Cannabis Businesses

In a public notice posted on April 1st and then again on April 8th, the borough of West Wildwood is planning to pass Ordinance 591 which would prohibit “the operation of all classes of cannabis businesses within its geographical boundaries and amending section iii, 1-19 of the west wildwood land use ordinance.”

The first reading at the Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners occurred on April 1, 2021 and that said Ordinance will be further considered for final reading and adoption after a Public Hearing to be held at the Regular Commission Meeting on May 7, 2021, at 7:00pm.

On March 20th, Wildwood Crest commissioners discussed an ordinance would would also ban cannabis sales. Currently their ordinance is a draft but if passed it would make all the Wildwoods, minus the Lower Township parts, a complete Cannabis business free island.

As a clarification, on Feb. 22, Gov. Phil Murphy did sign bills to legalize cannabis but towns do have rights to ban any kind of cannabis business. This would include dispensaries, farms and stores. But under the bills New Jersey residents can possess and use marijuana at home.

Think of this like dry towns with alcohol. There are no stores but you can buy outside to bring in. (Make sense now?)

A few days ago Ocean City NJ Council voted on a similar ordinance that would prohibit businesses to manufacture or sell marijuana. That ordinance passed 6-0.

We expect West Wildwood and eventually Wildwood Crest, to pass these ordinances.

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