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Wildwood Fireworks Are Back!!

Wildwood Fireworks Are Back!!

There are some good signs that things are starting to move forward on the covid front.

Wildwood Fireworks Are Back!!

Wildwood Fireworks Are Back!!

As you know, last year’s fireworks were very different than what we were used to. Besides not starting when they usually do, they were moved all the way over to Rio Grand Ave, behind the Wildwoods Sign.

This was done because there was more space available on the beach for people to spread out and feel safe.

This year thing are moving back towards normal.

Starting on Friday June 25th, the FREE Wildwood Firework shows will return to Pine Avenue all summer long!

Remember that they start at 10PM and can be seen pretty much throughout the island.

On top of this, we found out that boardwalk parades will also be making a return.

Parades run Monday through Thursday night and kick off at 7:30pm in North Wildwood at 16th Once and the bBoardwalk.

They will make their way to the Wildwoods Convention Center.

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