Whale Flips Boat In North Jersey

One mile off of Deal, Monmouth County, two men were fishing in a 20-foot boat when out of no where a whale surfaced under their boat. The boat capsized sending the two men out of the boat. (Video at the end of the article)

The New Jersey State Marine Services Bureau were on the scene with a helicopter 15 minutes after the call was placed.

Both men were reported uninjured.

The kicker of the story is how the New Jersey State Police reported it on Facebook.

Using a Moby Dick reference their Facebook Post read;

“Whale vs. Boat…Final Score: Whale 1- Boat 0

And suddenly the great beast was before them! He was ten stories high if he was a foot!

Yes, folks, earlier today, two people in a 20-foot boat were fishing approximately one mile off of Deal, Monmouth County when they had a close encounter with a whale. The whale surfaced beneath the vessel, causing it to capsize.

Both occupants fell overboard as a result, but fortunately no one was hurt. Troopers from the New Jersey State Marine Services Bureau are conducting the vessel accident investigation. 

Charges against the whale are pending its apprehension.”

It’s nice to see that our State Police can not only serve and save lives but also have fun doing it!

Great job New Jersey State Police!

Video by Gary Szabo

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