What Is A Rip Current And Why Are They Are So Dangerous?

What Is A Rip Current And Why Are They Are So Dangerous?

What Is A Rip Current And Why Are They Are So Dangerous?

From time to time we get asked some really good questions on our Facebook page. These questions are so interesting that we decide to write an article about them.

This one comes from the Lennies in Philadelphia. While on vacation in the Wildwoods they saw signs at the entrance of the beach saying watch out for rip currents. They wanted to know what is a rip current and why are they so dangerous.

First let’s go ahead and say that you should ALWAYS swim near a lifeguard. Our lifeguards are trained to spot rip currents before they become a problem.

A rip current is a funnel of water that pushes away from the beach in a narrow current. They are formed when large waves push large amounts of water on to the beach. This large amount of water needs to find a way back out to the ocean. Just like the current of a river, the water retreats out to sea, cutting through the existing waves.

What makes the rip current so dangerous is that the current, that is created as the water gets pushed back into the sea, is so strong that it can pull people and objects into deep water within minutes.

One important thing to know, just in case if you find yourself in a rip current, is how to get out of one.

You are able to get out of a rip current by swimming parallel to the shore line and out of the current. Once you are out of the rip current you can then swim to shore.

We hoped that you learned something new today!

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