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What’s Left of North Wildwood’s Beaches 2024

What’s Left of North Wildwood’s Beaches 2024

There have been so many questions asking, “What do the North Wildwood Beaches look like” so we figured it would be best if we filmed the current situation in North Wildwood.

Just some context for this video. This was filmed about 4 hours before it was high tide, meaning that the water could be closer, which can be seen from the water marks on the beach.

What's Left of North Wildwood's Beaches 2024

What’s Left of North Wildwood’s Beaches 2024

This upcoming spring, we are expected to have some kind of storms blow into the area, which could lead to a shifting of the beach. This shift could be good or bad, it just depends on where the current is going and where the sand gets dropped off.

There is no plan to do a beach replenishment in North Wildwood before the summer 2024 season. This decision is based on the fact that, at this time, there is no feasible way of doing such replenishment.

As you will see in this video towards the end, the water is hitting the back of Morey’s Surfside Pier and underneath Sportland Pier.

It is this area where the beach replenishment has its problem.

In years past, the trucks were able to pass here to bring sand from Wildwood to North Wildwood without major problems.

A few times a month the water would come up to the pier and crews would have to rebuild the pathway.

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That is not possible with today’s beaches since instead of them having to rebuild this pathway a few times a month, it would be every single day, leading to most of the time on the job being dedicated to just rebuilding this path only.

Other alternatives have been considered such as bringing the sand on the beach, but since smaller trucks would be needed, it would make a 2-month rebuilding plan into something that would be 4 months+ and not viable.

There are planned beach replenishment projects that are estimated to start in 2025 but do not address the issues we are having now.

There is also the major beach dune project that the Army Corps of Engineers still has down the pipeline. That project, which would see 16-foot dunes the entire way down the Wildwoods, isn’t scheduled to begin for several years from now.

The Army Corps of Engineers are still waiting on approvals by property owners in Diamond beach to allow the project to move to the next phase. 

This video will take us from Atlantic Ave and the beach and head South towards 26th Street and the beach.

Check out our video below and let us know what you think of the current conditions of the North Wildwood Beach.

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