Wildwood 2017: A Year In Review

Can you believe that it is the end of 2017? It felt just like yesterday we were covering the Polar Bear Plunge or kicking off the summer on Memorial Day Weekend. Where has the time gone? 2017 was such an amazing and busy year for us here in Wildwood.

To recap the year we decided to put together a “Year In Review” video. This video shows some of the awesome events that we covered this year including, and not limited to, “The Polar Plunge” and Memorial Day Weekend”

Sit back and enjoy!

Incase you wanted to read our article about some of the events in the video, check them out below

Polar Plunge 

North Wildwood Beach Erosion 

Saving North Wildwood’s Beaches

Morey’s Piers Mentioned On Netflix Show 

We Helped To Save Wildwood’s Fresh Air Home (Donations Still Being Accepted)  

Great Nor’Easter Grand Re-Opening 

Memorial Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend 

2017 Wildwood Christmas Parade

Wildwood At Christmas 

P.S. I wanted to send out a shout-out to my reporters, photographers, videographers, and fellow bloggers. Thank you for your help in sharing how amazing Wildwood! And a big thank you to my beautiful wife who puts up with me filming everything I see!

Side-Note from Editor:

It has been my pleasure to provide Wildwood content for you this past year. Thank you for being so grateful of my work. I want to remind everyone that you are beautiful. Never let anyone’s words hurt you. If anything write those words down and strive to be better. God bless you in your 2018 adventures! ~Joey