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Wildwood Boardwalk Closing Dates 2020

Wildwood Boardwalk Closing Dates 2020

Wildwood Boardwalk Closing Dates 2020

Wildwood Boardwalk Closing Dates 2020

For the past few days we have been receiving a ton of questions in regards to what the closing dates where for things in Wildwood. We decided to take the time to explain how things start to slow down for the off-season.

To start off, there are many events that were canceled for this off-season but there is still plenty to do down here.!

These canceled events were, Boots at the beach, Fall Fest, Wild Con! (Comic Book Festival), Irish Weekend, Seafood and Music Festival, Fabulous 50s & Beyond, and The Race of Gentlemen. For a full list of events click the link below.

Wildwood Event Cancellations and Reschedules

Some October events could still take place so be sure to check back later for more details

Now let’s get into some closing dates.

The Tram Car: 

  • Labor Day Monday – Sept 7th

Rides and Attractions

Water Parks

  • Morey’s Raging Waters – Labor Day Monday – Sept 7th
  • Splash Zone – Labor Day Monday – Sept 7th


For Full Hours Check Out Morey’s Piers Website

  • Surfside Pier – Sunday Sept 6th
  • Mariner’s Pier – Sunday Sept 27th
  • [NOTE: Hours and Dates can change. Also some of their games and food spots will be open until Sept 27th]

The Restaurants and Stores on the Boardwalk:

  • Mack’s Pizza On Roberts Ave is open daily until Sunday September 20th. After this date they will be open weekends until Columbus day (Monday October 12th).
  • Mack’s Pizza On Wildwood Ave is open weekends after Labor Day until Sunday September 20th. 
  • Sam’s Pizza – Daily until Columbus Day (Oct 12th)
  • Curley’s Fries Surfside – Sunday Sept 27th
  • Pompeo’s – Sat Oct 31st

Off The Boardwalk:

  • Maui’s Dog House – Saturday – Sept 5th
  • Russo’s Market – Labor Day Monday – Sept 7th
  • The Wharf – Last Weekend of Sept
  • Hassels – Sunday Sept 20th
  • Bandanas – Sunday Sept 12th
  • Duffer’s Restaurant & Homemade Ice Cream Parlour – Sunday Sept 13th
  • Little Italy –  Sunday Sept 6th
  • Cool Scoops – Columbus Day (Oct 12th)
  • The Ravioli House – Sunday October 11th
  • Primo Hoagies Crest – Daily Until Oct 12th
  • Primo Hoagies N. Wildwood – Daily Until Oct 11th then weekends only
  • Lizzy’s Ice Cream – Tuesday Sept 8th
  • Britton’s Gourmet Bakery – Sunday Sept 20th


Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol Announce End of Summer Schedule

Wildwood Beach Patrol Posts End of the Season Dates

Places On The Boardwalk Open Year Round:

  • Gateway 26
  • Closed Mid-December until MLK Jr weekend
  • The Fudge Kitchen (Wildwood Location)
  • The Wildwood Boardwalk (That’s Right, the boardwalk itself doesn’t close)
  • You can still purchase your Wildwood Pins year-round by clicking the link below
  • Wildwood Pins 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Check out our tour of Champaign Island drone video.

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