Wildwood Boardwalk Construction Update – Drone Tour

For the past several months we have been reporting on the Wildwood Boardwalk Reconstruction project in our monthly Wildwoods Construction Update videos.

In a summary, the Wildwood Boardwalk Reconstruction project is a multi-phase (5) five-year, (25) twenty-five million dollar project which will see sections of the Wildwood Boardwalk repaired and replace.

Wildwood Boardwalk Construction Update - Drone Tour

Wildwood Boardwalk Construction Update – Drone Tour

The first phase of this project consisted of the blocks between Oak and Myrtle Avenues. Phase two is expected to start in the fall which would include the blocks north of the first phase.

During our last report, it was too windy to get the drone in the air. To operate our drones in a safe matter we don’t fly them over 15 miles per hour through many drones are rated for higher wind speeds.

As promised I went over there this week to give you a drone tour.

Since there were a ton of folks down here enjoying Easter on the island, we have been getting a ton of questions on this project.

“What’s left on the project to do,” was one of the bigger questions. The quick answer is, to finish the trim, add the railings, finish the wiring (lights and speakers), a final walk-through, and then a hand-off.

“When will the project be done,” was the next question. This all is weather-based but the hope is to have it done by the early second week of May. Once again this is all weather-based. 

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